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It will take more than some grapes and few empty bottles to make your own wine, but most of the wine making supplies are readily available. Many of the kits being sold in the market today contain everything needed to brew small batches of wine, except the grapes and in addition to the wine making materials in the kit, complete instructions and various recipes are included.

What You Need

Although there are many wine making supplies to choose from, if you are just a beginner there are really only a few basics that you will want to supply yourself with. One of the first things you will want to get is grape juice or concentrate. You can buy this separately or in the typical wine making kit, in which you will also get the other ingredients and tools that are required for basic winemaking. You are also going to have to get as many wine bottles, corks and labels for the amount of wine that you are planning to make. Keep in mind that if you are just getting started and making wine for the first time, stick to making just a few bottles until you get the hang of it and then you can feel comfortable spending more money and producing more wine. You also want to get a hydrometer as one of your wine making supplies, and you will be using this to help monitor the fermentation process which is the most important process of all when it comes to making wine. In other words the hydrometer is going to help you estimate when the wine is ready to bottle, and so this should definitely be one of the first pieces of equipment that you purchase.

Acid test kits are also useful, although not necessary, and help by determining acid levels. They will be particularly helpful if you are making your wine from fresh grape juice or wild fruits, because there tends to be more acid present in these wines.

Those not using a wine making kit can find most of the other wine making supplies in a winemaking supply store. Wine yeast, nutrient for the yeast as well as pectin enzyme and grape tannin will be needed during most processes.

Despite the large list of wine making supplies that is needed, remember that most of the equipment and some of the materials can be used repeatedly. Ingredients will have to be replenished as needed, but the equipment, once cleaned and sanitized can be used numerous times as well as for making a variety of wines.