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Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are catching on with a broader base of consumers in North America's trendiest restaurants, thanks to wine industry efforts to demystify wine and a new twist to an old idea. 

Stemless wine glasses are perfect to serve both red and white wine in for all events and occassions. These beautiful wine glasses are just what you're looking for and are the newest revolution in glassware for wine.

Stemless Wine Glass Features

Instead of the traditional way of holding a wine goblet by the stem, the stemless glass is held like a tumbler in the hand making it easier to swirl contents around before drinking. It has always been the characteristics in Europe to serve wine in whatever container is available. The stemless wine glass sort of formalizes this practice and the popularity has grown since then. However, in formal occasions like weddings, the stemmed wine glass is still preferred.

Wine experts agree that the use of the stemless wine glass does indeed bring out the best of both worlds, between the modern and the traditional. The bowled tumbler shape allows the holder to swirl the wine contents and provide them with more control when drinking thus providing the user with more flexibility in the palette. On the other hand, the stemless wine glass allows now makes it possible to use the dishwasher for washing, unlike the usual hand washing that is required with stemmed wine glasses because of the delicate nature.

Stemless wine glasses are far less likely to be knocked over and are also more enjoyable to hold. The new wine glasses are great to entertain your friends with the most luxurious wine tasting experience. Stemless wine glasses offer the convenience of drinking from a tumbler with the artistic sophistication of a wine glass.

Stemless wine glasses are also available with etched imprints. This is ideal if you plan to present these glasses as a gift.  Most Stemless Wine Glasses are made of a heavier lead-free crystal and the short flared base gives them even more stability while providing an easy gripping point.