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Making Pear Wine

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Pear wine has been around for centuries and has been made under many names. One of the more popular old versions of pear wine is called Mead.

It is made with pears and honey and is also referred to as Perry. In the days of the ancient Romans pear wine was flowing like a river and was one of the most consumed beverages of the Roman Empire. Later on in the 1500’s the French took a liking to pear wine. Aside from the Mead version of pear wine the other way of making pear wine is to use pears, raisins and sugar. However if you decide to make pear wine you can always follow some basic steps and make sure to use some of the more basic ingredients for making the best pear wine.

Making Pear Wine With Raisins

For the non-Mead type pear wine you are going to need some basic ingredients. All of the ingredients for this version of making pear wine are based on one gallon of water, so you should count on using these quantities when you start making pear wine and do not change them. You are going to need one gallon of water, five pounds of very ripe pears, one pound of raisins, two pounds of sugar, a package of yeast and a teaspoon of yeast nutrient, and a combination of enzymes and acids that vary from recipe to recipe.

Boil the water and then pour the boiling water over the fruit that has been treated with the enzymes and acids. This is where any recipe gets personal and all of them vary when it comes to the actual fermenting and cooling of the wine. You will have to experiment to find the combination that works for you.

Using The Mead Method

Mead is basically the same as the raisin pear wine except instead of sugar and raisins you use honey. Mead has a tendency to be a little thicker than raisin pear wine so before you start making pear wine you may want to decide if you want a thick wine or a more flowing wine. Apply the same cooking principles and you have it! Making pear wine can take years to get right but it can also be fun in the process.

Just as the ancient Romans used to do, you too can start making pear wine. All you need are the ingredients, the know-how and the time to work through the different issues that come up when making any wine. It can be a lot of fun and it can also be rewarding but just make sure it’s legal where you live!