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How To Make Peach Wine

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Peach has a great significance in different cultures. It can be of different colors such as red, yellow, pink, white or a blend of these colors. 

The tradition of making peach wine is popular in many countries. The Bellini is an Italian sparkling peach wine, which was believed to originate during 1930s at Harry’s Bar in Venice. It was named after a famous opera composer.

Peach wine is good for general health and if you have a desire to learn how to make peach wine at home you will find that it is easy and a wonderful hobby. In practice, peaches generally contain a very little character and a second ingredient is mandatory for giving it a delicious shape. Here is a recipe for making peach wine that uses raisins in it.

How To Make Peach Wine With Raisins

The first step in learning how to make peach wine is to select good and fresh peaches. Thoroughly wash 3 lbs of ripe peaches in cool water. You do not need to peel the peaches. Cut them into thin pieces and throw the stones aside. Now mash the peaches and mix ½ cup chopped raisins into the mix. Take 1 qt of boiled water and add 1 lb of sugar and stir it carefully to dissolve. Wrap it with disinfected cloth and let it sit until it comes to room temperature. Now mix cool water to make it equal to one gallon.

After that, add the juice of one large lemon and one crushed campden tablet into the mixture and let it sit for the next 12 hours. Now add ½ tsp peptic enzyme and set aside for another 12 hours. Mix 1 tsp yeast nutrient and blend it thoroughly. Now ferment the solution for next three to four days and stir it twice daily. Now pour all the mixture into a nylon-straining bag and squeeze it tightly so that the maximum amount of juice can be extracted.

Now it is the time to add more sugar to the solution. This is a crucial phase in making peach wine. The sugar not only gives the additional flavor, but it helps in further fermentation. Add ½ lb sugar into the mixture and stir well to dissolve it. Now move the mixture into secondary fermenter and make it airtight. After that the fermentation slows down and terminates.

Now, that you know how to make peach wine here is the final phase. Within the next two weeks, you need to stir it for the final time and put it into bottles. If possible, age it for six months to one year to give it an aged flavor.