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Napa Valley Wine Tasting

Napa Valley is famous throughout the United States with regard to it's outstanding choice of wine. Vineyards within this particular region create many of the most well-liked wines within the planet and merely contributes towards the variety of just what California wines are well known for! The wineries are stunning, the surroundings are beautiful and the wine sampling excursions in Napa are basically unmatched through out the world. Wine enthusiasts check out California from throughout the world specially in order to attend wine tasting tours in Napa.

Tasting The Wine

Napa Valley wine tasting can sometimes be a little daunting, if you have no knowledge about wine you might think that you cannot attend a wine tasting. You can attend a wine tasting at a local wine store or organize one of your own with friends.

Reading a little about the terms used in wine tasting and what they mean can help you during a wine tasting but your own tastes will tell you most accurately what wines you like. Get some friends together and a couple of bottles of wine and you can begin learning more about wine.

Take a Good Look

At a Napa Valley wine tasting the first thing that you should do is examine the color of the wine you are about to taste. Although color may seem secondary to smell and taste, the color of wine can actually tell you a lot about the wine you are

drinking. The age and the type of grapes used to make the wine can be discerned from the color of the wine. White wine on the other hand can take on varying shades of yellow, such as straw colored, or gold that will tell you about the age of the wine.

Get That Smell

Smelling the wine is probably the most commonly associated part of wine tasting, it is actually an important step in learning about the flavors of the wine. You will need to sniff the wine more than once, the first whiff you get should be a short one and the next one should be a deeper inhale. As a wine matures there will be other aromas that can be detected, this is called the bouquet of the wine and it can be very complex. When you inhale the aroma of a wine look for distinct flavors such as fruitiness, floral accents, and overtones of oak.

Finally Have a Taste

Now you can finally taste the wine, which is after all the object of a wine tasting, make sure to sip first rather than taking a big gulp. Note how the wine felt to you on that initial sip, roll the wine around on your tongue and see how the taste of the

wine changes. As time goes on you will be able to move beyond mere flavor of a wine, instead you will be able to detect tannin and alcohol content and other characteristics of a wine. Wine tasting will help you appreciate wine better and make good selections to pair with almost any food.

You are able to sample many of the greatest wines throughout the planet taking a Napa Valley wine tasting tour. It will be well worth your investment and time to test the custom and flavor of high quality wine.If you would like to book a wine

tasting tour you can easily select from the full list of numerous vineyards in Napa or get in touch with a wine touring organizaation.