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Making Orange Wine

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Making orange wine at home is very common in Japan. It is not a very difficult job and you can try it in your own home if have some fresh oranges.

In fact, orange wine is not only delicious but also good for your health. While making orange wine, you should pay careful attention to the quality of the oranges. They need to be ripe but not rotten. Now let us explore two luscious recipes for making orange wine.

Basic Orange Wine

This is a pretty good recipe and one can use any variety of oranges while making orange wine at home following this wonderful recipe. The oranges must be good, fresh and ripe. Take three and one-half quarts of water, add two pounds of sugar and boil them together in a large pot. Instead of sugar, you can substitute the same amount of honey.

Take either four pounds ripe sweet oranges or three pounds wild oranges. Wash them thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. Put the pieces into a straining bag in the bed of primary fermenter and crush. Now pour the boiled sugar water onto the crushed fruit and top it up to the one-gallon mark. The mixture must now be cooled down. After cooling, add five teaspoons acid blend if you are not using wild oranges, one-eighth teaspoon of tannin, one teaspoon of yeast nutrient and one campden tablet. Now cover it to in an airtight container.

After twelve hours, add one-half teaspoon peptic enzyme. Following a day later, add Montrachet yeast and mix it thoroughly. Take out the straining bag after one week. When it is totally fermented, soothe it with a campden tablet, then bottle it and age it for six to twelve months.

Orange With Elderflower Infusion

This is an early summer wine recipe. Take two four-liter tubs of ice-covered pealed oranges and wash them thoroughly. While they are ice-covered, it is very easy to crush them by using your hand. Now mix one pound of sugar into the fruit to bring up to one and on-half gallons by adding boiling water to the mix. The boiled water needs to be hot enough to be sterilizing.

Now blend the elderflower infusion with the juice and cool it for few hours. Add twenty-four grams of Young’s peptic enzyme along with two campden tablets. Add an additional one-pound of sugar after two days as it accelerates the fermentation process. Within the next couple of days the fermentation process will be slower. At this time, another one pound of sugar can be added to make a 12.5% alcohol wine.

When fermentation is fully stopped, rack it nicely for next few months. If it is racked for one year, it will turn out to a clear, proper pale orange color. You are now to the finishing line of making orange wine. You can bottle it after another six to twelve months and then drink it young.