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Review:  Mary S.
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making great wine imageIf you want to produce your own great tasting wine at home without squandering away your valuable time and money check out “Making Great Wine” by Brian E. Cook.  Yes, you can make a quality fruit wine at home, one that is not just good but great!

In his book Making Great Wine, Mr. Cook reduces the number of classic errors commonly made by first time fruit wine making  buffs.  He shares his intuitive advice and ideas for producing delightful wines easily and efficiently at home.  His book comes complete with almost 200 simple recipes that any home wine maker, whether a novice or seasoned vintner can put to use immediately.

If you have previously attempted to make wine, and possibly suffered through a few problems or common mistakes while learning how to make the perfect bottle of crystal-clear wine at home, try Brian’s well written guide.  Some books offer directions that are complicated or poorly written and consequently you end up with a bottle of vinegar rather than a delicate wine.  Thusly, if you are a novice wine maker, you may never attempt this venture again.

After reading Making Great Wine, you feel more confident and am feel ready to start the process of making your own fruit wine at home.  You will learn exactly which ingredients are best, the proper equipment, and where to purchase these items.  With all the great recipes included you will be very anxious to begin this project from collecting and cleaning the fruit, to prepping the equipment, to fermentation and finally, bottling your personal wine collection.

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Below is a list of a few of the important suggestions and tips included in Brian’s book that the novice home wine maker will need to take into consideration before jumping into this type of project. 

  • Choosing your ingredients and checking for ripeness or possible over ripeness.
  • Paying careful attention to these three items: acetic bacteria, wild yeast, and pectin.
  • Understanding the fermentation process and why timing is so important to producing a great bottle of  wine.
  • Methods for producing crystal-clear bottles of wine.
  • Reducing the effect of acid in a "sharp" wine without adding sugar, and more importantly, why not to add sugar!

Making Great Wine – The Secrets to Making Great-Tasting Wine at Home... Every Time!, by Brian E.

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