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International Wine Of The Month Club Review

Review: Mary S.
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international wine of the month club imageAre you like most of us who are always insearch of affordable good wines? My husband and I live in a rural area and we are limited to what is available locally. Also living in a rural area finding and shipping gifts to friends and family is always a challenge.

We have discovered the International Wine of the Month Club. This club offers great international wines each month. A membership would be a great idea for a gift to someone far away that they will enjoy all year.

Just imagine, once a month, yourself or close friends or family, receiving a wonderful delivery of two high quality wines from the International Wine of the Month Club. My sister, who lives in another state, calls immediately after her gift arrives and is so ecstatic. She has begun her own international wine collection.

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The International Wine of the Month Club each month sends members of their premium wine club international wine selections from two different award-winning boutique vineyards, accompanied by their professionally-printed newsletter that is chock full of wine information, enterainment ideas and more. They offer three membership types, and select either two red selections, two whites, or one red and one white.

Their professional wine tasting panel ensures quality and variety in the wines they deliver each month. Don Lahey, a nationally known wine educator and author, leads their 12 person wine tasting team. His expertise promises that the monthly selections are not only high quality and great tasting but they have been purchased from top wineries from all over the world. They search everwhere from some of the historically great wine area's such as Bordeaux's Gironde River, the hills of Tuscany to Sonoma's Russian River. They will also look for new wine regions such as Austrailia's Hunter Valley, Hungary, and Argentina.

The International Wine of the Month Club finds rare and little known vintages that you may not find on your own without traveling to these regions. New wines like Sauvignon Semillion from Australia or Michel Goubard's Mont Avril Gourgogne Pinot Noir. Their tasting panel has 30 years of vast knowledge locating, securing and tasting unique wines and then bring them to you at a price way below what most would have to pay. They will offer these wines to you at a discounted cost if you desire to reorder any of their bottles.

Personal Wine Club Memberships

Personal membership for this club starts at $29.95 per month, plus shippingand handling. Membership can be fixed or by month to month, which will allow you to cancel at any time without further obligation.

They have three plans to choose from- you will experience a wide variety of premium wines from acclaimed international wineries. Every month you get two different wines from two different wineries. You may choose one red and white ore both reds and both whites in the series. Each shipment comes with a newsletter discussing each wine, the history of the winery and suggestions for tastings and food pairings.

1. The Premier Series - This most popular plan delivers outstanding wines at great values. Thier high volume purchasing allows them to give you featured wines that retail in the $15-$25 per bottle range at unbeatable prices. You can select two red wines, two whites, or one of each. This plan costs $29.95 per month plus shipping and handling

2. The Masters Series - A great choice if you have an interest in further developing your taste or if you would like to give someone a gift of more value. This plan was developed to offer members to sample and compare wines in two different price ranges. You'll get one bottle from the Premier Series and one bottle from the Collectors Series, and may choose either reds or whites or a combination of the two. This plan costs $45.95 per month plus shipping and handling.

3. The Collectors Series - If your a serious wine connaisseur and collector or if you want to send someone a very special gift then you will be impressed with the Collectors Series. Selections are valued between $30 and $60 per bottle and are of limited production. In fact some wines are so exclusive they have never been avaiblable outside thier country of origin. Again you can choose reds, whites or a combination of both. This plan costs $65.95 per month plus shipping and handling.

Overall this membership rates top notch in supplying high quality unusual and rare wines from all over the globe. So if your looking for a club that enables you to enjoy these wines yourself or offer them to your friends then the International Wine Of The Month Club is the perfect membership to aquire.

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