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While making your own alcoholic beverage from juices may not be considered rocket science, there is more to wine making than squeezing grapes and bottling the juice until it turns into alcohol. Many grapes have different acid content and the amount of acid in the squeezing will determine how sugar will need to be added to make the finished product palatable. For those intent on doing their own home wine making, they will also need some specific equipment designed just for the purpose.

How to Make Wine

If you want to learn how to make wine, then the first thing you are going to have to do is to gather together the ingredients and tools that you are going to need. You will need at least one Demijohn, which are glass containers that are usually about one gallon. You will need a bung, and an airlock, as well as a large container that you can use to hold the fruit mix.

You will need plastic tubing as well, which you will use to transfer the wine from the sediment into another container, and finally you will need wine bottles, a measuring jug, scales, a hydrometer, thermometer, funnel, and large containers of about 5.5 gallons each. Also in the process of home wine making you need to understand that winemaking in general can basically be broken down into five steps which are as follows: plan, monitor, process, age, and finish. Winemaking requires you to make many decisions, and so make sure that you are aware of this and that you are going to have the patience that is required in this craft.

It is important to remember that each wine recipe tends to differ, especially between fruit wines and flower or grain wines. You will need to find out the specific directions from the particular recipe that you use, in order to ensure your wine turns out as best as possible. There are many different types of wine that you can make, and you can even make your own labels which you can use to show that you made the wine and also to keep track of the different flavors of wine you have created. You may also want to note the dates that you made each bottle of wine, as aged wine always tastes better and so you can drink the older bottles first.

Not As Hard As Some May Think

The process for home wine making is not as complicated as some may believe. Of course, it is not entirely easy either. It does require skill and patience as this is a hobby that is not one that can be performed haphazardly. (Well, you could perform it haphazardly but the taste of the wine will probably be awful!) But, if you dedicate the proper amount of time and effort to making the wine then you will end up with not only some great tasting wine but also having enjoyed quite a bit of fun doing it as well.