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Gold Metal Club

international wine of the month club imageMy husband and I enjoy a really good wine. We live in a rural area and we are limited to what is available locally. Also living in a rural area finding and shipping gifts to friends and family is always a challenge.  

We have discovered the Gold Medal Wine Club.  This is a great idea for sending a gift to someone far away that they will Wine Club enjoy all year.


Just imagine, once a month, your close friends or family, each receiving a wonderful delivery of two high quality wines from the Gold Medal Wine Club.  My sister, who lives in another state, calls immediately after her gift arrives and is so ecstatic.  She has begun her own gold medal wine collection.  


The Gold Medal Wine Club offers four different levels of membership.  There is no monthly membership fee.  The cost for the monthly shipments of fine wines is very reasonable considering they are of the highest quality.  There is the Gold Series Club, the Platinum Series Club, the Diamond Series Club and the International Series Club.


The Gold Series Club delivers one red and one white, gold or silver medal winner that is rated 85 or above. The Platinum Series Club will deliver two reds each month, (one white occasionally) that have won multiple gold medals and are rated in the 90’s, with usually under 1,000 cases produced. The Diamond Series Club ship two reds each month (and one white per year), with ratings in the mid to upper 90's, these are legendary wines that are highly allocated. The International Series sends two reds and one white (3 wines) that are not available anywhere in the United States. 


Once in a while the Gold Medal Wine Club will discover a splendid wine only available at winery tasting rooms, these particular wines may not have been submitted for judging. However these superior wines are of such high quality that they meet the club’s strict criteria.




One of the other nice features of the Gold Medal Wine Club is that they include a write up about each of the wines, its vineyard and its history.  As we serve our gold medal wine we can sound like experienced wine sommeliers at dinner parties and not the novice wine enthusiasts that we really are.


The customer service available is very responsive and will remedy any problem quickly.  We look forward to the arrival of each shipment.