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Deluxe Wine Making Kit Review

Review: Mary S.
Rating: making great wine
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This deluxe wine making kit contains everything a wine maker would require to make six gallons of their own personal vintage at a very reasonable price. Each piece in this kit is of the highest quality and very resilient.

Unlike stainless steel or white plastic containers, the glass container included in this kit allows the brewer to observe the brewing process. Glass is non porous and easy to clean which helps ensure proper sanitization. This is an easy to use kit for the beginner and has more items than the majority of other kits we have seen on the market.

 One extra item you do not see in most kits is the ½ inch auto siphon pump. Because of its superior durability, you will be able to use this kit over and over again. What this deluxe wine making kit includes is the following:

• 7.8 Gallon Fermenter with a grommeted lid
• 6 Gallon Carboy
• Detailed instruction book
• No-rinse sanitizer
• Double lever corker
• 30 #8 Corks
• Triple scale Hydrometer
• Airlock
• Carboy Bung
• Siphon Hose
• Degassing Rod
• ½ inch Auto Siphon
• Bottle Filler
• Bottle Brush
• Equipment instructions

Overall we found the deluxe wine making kit to be a great value as well as easy to use. You may be able to find cheaper kits but they will not contain as much equipment or be as long lasting. With the appropriate care it would allow the average user several years of use. Of course you would still need to purchase the bottles and all your ingredients. The double lever corker that is included is great for #8 corks. You may want to eventually purchase a floor corker that can easily handle synthetic corks as well as #9 corks that provide a better seal.

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