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California Wine Club

The California Wine Club sells wine of the month memberships, wine club gifts and wines by the case and half-case. This wine club is a monthly wine adventure that introduces its members to California's best artisan wineries.  The California Wine club is one of the most loved wine clubs in the country. Started by Bruce and Pam Boring more than 18 years ago, the California wine club has made a significant place for itself  in the wine world.

Bruce and Pam Boring the club owners travel California's wine country searching for limited production wines that may have gone unnoticed from small, family-owned wineries dedicated to the art of making fine wine.  Since the wine choosen is personally hand selected and delivers great tasting, limited production California wines from the winemaking families handcrafting each wine, you will only get the best if you belong to this club.
All the hard work is done upfront of tasting and sifting through the wines, to offer only the best of the best from the boutique wineries throughout California from Mendocino County to the Sierra Foothills and from San Diego to Santa Rosa.  These wines are imported directly from the California Wine Club and are virtually impossible to obtain in domestic markets.

The California Wine Club can be enjoyed by the wine novice as well as the experienced connoisseur. This club offers various wines for all different tastes and budgets. The California Wine Club guarantees the quality of every bottle "100 percent". This means that a member will never get a bulk commercial bottle or a closeout sale bottle, but will only receive hand picked limited production vintages from the great state of California.  The wines they select are the best,  family-owned wineries and enjoy rare wines not found in local wine shops.


Members can re-order wine at a 10-20% discount and there is no minimum membership. Members can choose to receive just red or just white wine if they prefer. This club does not feature any sweet, late harvest or rose wines. Members receive discounts for buying three, six, nine or 12-month memberships in advance, but may also opt for a month-to-month membership that can be cancelled at any time without cost or penalty.

Their best wines are shipped directly to their club member/buyer via the California Wine Club. 

Members receive two new wines from small family wineries in California every month.  If a customer is unhappy with the club for any reason, they simply cancel their membership at any time.

The California Wine Club has been the nation's leading wine of the month club for over nineteen years.